AJD Home Nursing Services

The home Nursing Services most requested are: Injections, dressings, catheterization, naso-gastric intubation, placement and monitoring of serum; hygiene and comfort; removal of points or staples, wound care, pressure sores or pressure ulcers, aspiration of secretions, oxygen therapy, aerosol assistance for patients with invasive or non-invasive ventilation; collection of products for analysis such as blood and urine samples.

About Us

One on one nursing services keep you or your loved ones at home by ensuring the care plan set forth by your doctor is followed implicitly in the comfort of your home. Nurses can identify signs and symptoms of change in condition and report them early to reduce negative side effects. A nurse’s ability to administer medication to control symptoms can help to avoid hospitalization and permanent damage. Having an in-home nurse can ensure proper nutrition and dietary needs. Assisted’s Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses can provide the needed support and monitoring that can make the difference in lives of your loved ones.


The ADJ HOME NURSING SERVICES active in the care and nursing services at home.

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